After more than a year of extensive design, development and testing, Transpharma International has successfully implemented a new Freight Management System (FMS) called MyTPI.  Officially launched in the first quarter of 2022, MyTPI is a secure web portal enabling clients and suppliers to access key information and data.

The Client Portal allows clients to enter and/or edit their freight orders, upload and submit key documents, and view details of their orders status in one central location. Such details include full shipment journals, real time updates for ongoing orders and access to a full range of shipping documents such as packing lists, invoices, POD’s and temperature reports.

The new service is part of Transpharma International’s plan to expand and improve its customer service capabilities as it expands its network. The company recently entered into a strategic partnership with Arra Group, extending coverage for its clients into Eastern Europe. “This new client platform is the next logical step,” says David Evans, company CEO, “Whether we are providing the client with a multi-modal  freight control tower solution  or simple lane management service, we want to provide easy access to order information and documentation, while ensuring real time information is available for all users at all times.”

“Over the past years we have listened carefully to our clients, customers and teammates and have captured their observations on where our existing FMS could be improved,” says Henrik Larsen, Business Development Manager for Transpharma International. “We believe MyTPI will provide clients with a user-friendly platform and offer a true value add to their business.”

The introduction of MyTPI is streamlining the order notification process and reducing processing times: minimising errors, simplifying communication, and optimising the invoicing, freight audit, and payment process via a direct connection to the Oracle finance system. The platform also offers the possibility to directly interface with clients and suppliers via EDI, a promising development that the company will be introducing in phases.

Clients and Suppliers have been receiving training on the MyTPI system as their accounts have been transferred since the start of 2022. The new system is expected to be rolled out across all countries by the end of this year.

“We are convinced this new Freight Management System will strengthen our relationship with each client and ensure improved efficiency for all involved,” says Dirk Thiel, Solutions and Procurement Manager for Transpharma International. “MyTPI is an exciting step into the future, and a foundation we hope to build upon in the coming years.”

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Transpharma International is part of the Walden Group and focused on delivering GDP compliant freight forwarding solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industry. Transpharma International transports healthcare products worldwide with 200 owned vehicles and a strategic network of 3000 vehicles in Europe. They offer first mile transport services covering all temperature ranges for manufacturers and distributors through its multiple locations in Europe.

The Walden Group was founded in 1951 in France, Walden Group is a family company driven with passion to become today’s global healthcare and supply chain solutions provider. Walden is now the European healthcare leader with a presence in 13 countries, over 6,000 employees, and a turnover of €1.9 billion.


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